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It means different things to different people.

What does it mean to you?

Perhaps fulfillment, financial prosperity, emotional abundance, the ability to help others, the freedom to follow your passions and to make a profit doing so.


You might love it, hate it, resent it or crave it. 

And if you’re like many creative professionals and self-employed business people,

  • You know you’re not living (or earning) up to your potential.
  • Sometimes it feels like you have a “love-hate” relationship with your money.
  • You’re looking for a way to have more cash for the things that matter to you, and more peace of mind!

I help people overcome financial stress, and I do it by working “from the inside out.” 

If budgets, financial advice, and typical business strategies have failed to make a real difference in your life, if you find yourself stuck in the same patterns and frustrations, then read on.


Financial stress and frustration affects 7 out of 10 Americans,

over half of whom confess to living “paycheck to paycheck” on a regular basis.

If you’re a woman, you’re likely one of the 91% of women who do not feel confident that they will be able to retire with enough money. Money may be a constant source of stress and frustration for you, destroying any sense of inner peace, even if you’re earning and saving.

If you’re a man, it is likely that you feel constantly evaluated and judged by your financial success (or your struggle to achieve the success you desire, but haven’t quite reached). This can affect your confidence, your relationships, everything.

If you’re a business owner, you have the pleasure and the pain of creating your own paycheck. The good news: nobody puts a ceiling on what you can earn! The bad news: Nobody gives you a paid vacation, matches your retirement contributions, or guarantees you a single cent.

Perhaps you are very successful in many ways, but you have not been able to create the freedom and security you desire. Perhaps you have even moved backwards, losing some of the income or savings you once had.

Or you might be embarrassed to say how much you make, not because it’s a low figure, rather because you’re not sure where it all goes.

Perhaps you’re one of the women who is so embarrassed at the state of their finances that they would rather talk about their sex lives than their money. Or one of the women who suffer, at least now and then, with “Bag Lady Fears” of losing it all, even if you own your own home and earn a six-figure income.

You might experience your relationship with money as a “love-hate” relationship. You enjoy spending it, you’d like to have more of it, and at the same time, you find money frustrating, a hassle, and you’d just as soon not have to “deal with it.”

You dread the thought of meeting with your financial planner, if you have one (and you might wonder if you have enough net worth for a planner to want to meet with you anyway).

You have big dreams.

but you don’t see how to pull them off, financially.

Money feels like a barrier or a trap to you, not a useful tool to reach your dreams.

Perhaps you’ve read financial books and attended seminars, but nothing has changed.

You’re done with avoiding the topic. You’re ready to make a change. But you’re not sure what to do next and who can help you.

For years, I’ve been helping people think and feel differently about money. I’m a holistic wealth coach that deals with matters of wealth and abundance, financial and otherwise.

You might say I’m a “Financial Healer” of sorts,

though my work goes beyond the financial realm.

(I like the term “Prosperity Therapy,” since even “Financial Therapy” can be too limiting in scope to address the ways that scarcity can show up in our lives.)

Perhaps scarcity and lack shows up in your life as not enough money. Or you might be suffering from other forms of “not enough”:

  • not enough time
  • not enough love
  • not enough energy
  • not enough choices or freedom in your life.

Let’s pull the weeds that are stopping them from experiencing wealth and abundance in their lives. Because while many of us have been planting seeds of abundance and fulfillment, we’ve been watering the weeds!

The key is changing your thoughts and feelings, going beneath the surface symptoms to the root causes of your frustration. Then, I help clients establish new, healthier habits and behaviors.

My clients experience greater success and greater abundance as we work together from a creative, intelligent, intuitive place, free from judgment.

Whatever disempowering story pain you’re going through, I’ve either been there, or I’ve been close.

  • I’ve been through a business failure and simultaneous divorce.
  • I’ve been behind on my mortgage and I’ve lost a home to foreclosure.
  • I’ve been a caregiver to an elderly parent with health challenges, and I’ve overcome my own health issues.
  • I’ve been in tens of thousands of dollars of debt and have considered bankruptcy.
  • I’ve done consumer credit counseling (which I generally don’t recommend) and I’ve re-negotiated with creditors.
  • I’ve been prejudiced against “rich people” and have created a lack of options in my life due to under-earning.
  • I’ve also been a six-figure earner and a six-figure spender, carrying bad money habits into a successful career.
  • I’ve been a single mom for sixteen years.
  • I’ve been self-employed for twenty years, and have dealt with wide swings of income and high levels of “uncertainty.”


  • I’ve learned to love myself for richer or for poorer.
  • I’ve learned to love and respect wealthy people, many of whom have become my good friends and mentors.
  • I’ve learned to create wealth from the inside out.
  • I’ve been able to generate real-world financial results, such as $20k in a month, $40k in a month, $200k in a month!
  • I’ve learned to align my spending with my values, and I’ve come to understand the reasons we spend money.
  • I’ve changed my mind about money, and I’ve watched my financial results transform as the result.
  • I’ve learned to manage my emotions, and I’ve watched my life transform as the result.
  • In my latest business, I built a network of thousands, wrote top-rated articles and gained national press recognition (all in less than a year).
  • I’ve ghost-written and blogged for top financial advisors and authors, learning about a wide array of investment options (beyond the options within the box that a financial planner can talk about).
  • I’ve been a successful investor, building my net worth quickly. (Ouch! And watching much of it disappear in the market crash of2008/2009…)
  • I continue to create multiple streams of income, sometimes very quickly.
  • I’ve bought homes and rental homes by myself and with investment partners.
  • I’ve increased my income while decreasing my taxes.
  • I’ve invested in my own education and training, expanding my knowledge of the wealth mindset, personal development, and financial coaching.
  • I’ve helped many entrepreneurial clients up-level their marketing and their marketing results with successful product launches, events, websites, autoresponder campaigns and more.
  • I’ve also invested in my passions and followed my dreams, becoming a professional singer-songwriter, recording CD’s, and leaving behind a successful career in real estate to pursue coaching and training.
  • I’m passionate about helping others become a success by their own definition, and not part of the statistics.

Such as this frightening statistic:

According to congressional analysis of census data, the average woman in the U.S. is retiring on just over $1,300 a month – yes, including her social security, pension, 401k and other investments.

$1300 a month.


It’s not enough for me, it’s not enough for you, it’s not enough for anyone! And I’m out to make a difference, but perhaps not in the way you might expect.

You see, there are already thousands of fine financial planners, business consultants, and books out there who can give you information and advice.

But something is missing.

It’s the same thing that’s missing when you can’t lose those last 10 (or 50) pounds.

We don’t need more information.

We know that earning more and spending less could help our finances, just like we know that exercising more and eating less might help our figures.

So what DO we need?

We don’t need someone to scold us, shame us, or remind us we’re “behind” where we’d like to be, financially.

We need to find our way home.

What we need is a Treasure MAP – or M.A.P.S.
1. “M” – We need a Mindset

that supports wealth. We need to transform our belief systems, our attitudes, our emotions around money. This is the most important and most neglected part of the wealth formula! Without a healthy mindset around money, we will only sabotage ourselves.

2. “A” – We need to take Action.

We need to take consistent action steps towards our goals. We need to first stop procrastinating and begin to first do the things we know to do. Then we need to trust that we will discover our best “next steps” as we go.

3. “P” – And we need a Plan

– a sound strategy for raising our income, lowering our debt, and lessening the stress we feel whenever we think about money. A business strategy that works (if we are entrepreneurs), and a personal plan that works. Times are a-changing and we must change with them.

4. “S” – And we’ll need Support

along the way. Let’s be real, we haven’t managed to accomplish the above on our own so far, so we’re going to need (and want!) help, guidance and support for the journey.

And finally, we need to be Wealthy, Worthy, and Wise.

We can be Wealthy in every way, we don’t have to settle for an “either/or” life in which we justify our lack of financial means by saying it’s “not that important.”

We can realize our Worth that does not depend on outside circumstances, appearances, or other people’s approval, but the worth that comes from the inside out like rays emanating from the sun.

And we can be not just smart, but truly Wise. We can live in a way that is loving and peaceful, joyful and ultimately fulfilling, inside and out.

If this sounds like a journey that you’d be interested in, then I look forward to meeting or speaking to you soon. That’s why I do what I do, to help people live richer lives, in all ways.

Thanks for stopping by my website.  Be sure to visit the Total Wealth blog. Please comment, interact, and let me know how I can serve you best.

In gratitude and abundance,

Kate Phillips


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  1. Chris Simonds

    Hi Kate-
    Looks very helpful/healthy. Look forward to meeting you.
    Chris Simonds

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  3. Terence

    Thank you for the Coaching invitation last weekend.
    How was the event?

    I listened to “Shine”, what a beautiful song and voice. You are a tatented and very holistic person, your client’s and friends must adore you.


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    I enjoyed reading the article. It’s funny how we all get lulled into our current life and how so many people are content with it. It takes work to change and it’s too bad that so few people are willing to do the work

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  12. Kate Phillips Post author

    Thanks, Shri!

    As far as I know, there’s no “program” to be a wealth coach. I obtained a 7 month coaching certification, and applied it to my knowledge of how people relate to money gained through my own journey as well as years of conducting workshops. I have also been a financial writer/researcher for years, with extensive experience in real estate (agent and investor) as well as training in insurance, investing, and more.