13 Ways to Create Bad Financial Luck

It’s Friday the 13th, and I couldn’t resist giving you a list of “what not to do”! Hopefully the reverse psychology will work and you’ll improve your financial luck.

Here are the “Top 13 Ways to Create Bad Financial Luck:”

Don’t let a black cat walk under the ladder you’re standing on!

1.  Blame other people for your financial situation. Better yet, expect other people or the government to solve it for you.

2.  Complain and feel hopeless if “the economy” is slow. Don’t try to start a business or create your own economy.

3.  Hang out with negative people. If possible, become one.

4.  Don’t volunteer or otherwise try to contribute or connect with people if you are unemployed or slow in your own business.

5.  If you can’t afford something, buy it on credit.

6.  Invest only in the stock market and other investments that you have no control over and provide no guaranteed returns.

7.  Neglect purchasing proper insurance.

8.  Never invest in your own growth and education. (Who has time, with so many TV channels?)

9.  If you are offered genuine help, turn it down. After all, your pride and reputation are at stake!

10.  Worry about how bad your situation is. Don’t visualize, meditate, use affirmations, or any of that woo-woo stuff to try to influence your emotions or expectations.

11.  Don’t read my post about how to increase your GOOD luck. http://www.totalwealthcoaching.com/increase-your-luck/

12.  If you’re feeling financially stressed, do NOT sign up for the free Financial Serenity eBook I’ll be giving away this month. Don’t even think about it.

13.  And whatever you do, do not – I repeat – DO NOT get a mentor, hire a coach, or participate in a mastermind group!!


Have fun and stay safe this Friday the 13th, and don’t watch too many scary movies!

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