A New Definition of Freedom

When people talk about money, “Freedom” usually refers to Financial Freedom: having income that supports you without the need to “work.” fireworks21

The goal of being financially free is a worthwhile goal for everyone, as is the ability to do what we want without having to “worry about making a living.” Being financially free doesn’t mean we won’t continue to operate a business, work or earn money, but we’ll do it out of joy, not out of need.

But what if you are years – even decades – from that kind of freedom? Does that mean you have no freedom? Does it mean you are doomed to slavery in the meantime? Working for money but experiencing no freedom?

What if freedom meant….

Freedom from the stress that disturbs your health.

Freedom from sleepless nights.

Freedom from self-doubt.

Freedom from the illusions that threaten you like scenes in a frightening (but harmless) Haunted House display.

Freedom from obsessive thoughts of worry.

Freedom from blame, justification, and playing the victim.

Freedom from the need to control everything or “be right.”

Freedom from judgment and self-condemnation.

Freedom from anything that disturbs your peace, blocks your love, or diminishes who you are.

Freedom from the fear that compromises your contribution and gifts to the world.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for “someday” to experience freedom. We can experience freedom now.

Freedom is the ability to create the lives we want, enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

The freedom to express oneself fully and without fear, whether in conversation, business, or art.

Having freedom means we are learning, not static; growing, not dying.

Freedom is enjoying every day, living in gratitude, living from choice.

Freedom is living in joy and not from a place of “need.”

And as a really cool bonus… as we experience internal freedom and abundance, so our finances continue to move in the direction of sustainability… (otherwise known as “financial freedom!”)

Happy Independence Day!

Kate Phillips