Founder of Total Wealth Coaching, Kate Phillips is a holistic life and financial coach who addresses issues of “Money, Mind, and Spirit” in an integrative way.  She combines coaching, personal development work, prosperity training, and financial education to help people create wealth from the inside out.

“I’ve been called a Financial Therapist, a Prosperity Coach, and a ‘Money Healer’. There is no perfect label for what I do, but from the response I’ve had, I know that I am filling a long-empty void.”

Kate knows that financial plans, business strategies and other tools are only useful if our mindset supports us in taking the actions we know to take.

“Once we have our thoughts and feelings truly aligned with what we want and who we are, miracles can start to happen. That is my greatest joy, watching my clients experience freedom, joy and abundance where once there was fear, regret and limitation.”

Kate’s clients often experience large changes in only a few month’s time, such as getting out of debt, purchasing first homes or rental properties, beginning investment plans, or becoming givers to (or even founders of) non-profit organizations.

Using the techniques she teaches, Kate has not only survived as a single mom, but thrived, first investing to multiply her net worth many times, then funding her own dream of professionally recording a cd of original music, moving to “the country,” and creating non-traditional work that inspired her.

Kate has been a real estate investor, a high income earner, and someone who has never been afraid to invest in her own success. However, she says it is the lessons learned in times of financial struggle that have shaped her most profoundly.

“It’s easy to feel “abundant” when money rolls in and everyone around you looks at you as a success. But where the rubber meets the road is when your outer circumstances look bleak and you have to really TRUST.”

Watch Kate’s interview at Biznik’s SHINE event, May 2009:

Kate Phillips is the creator of the “Living in Abundance” Course (for women only) and other programs.  She gives workshops periodically in the Seattle and Eastside areas, and is in demand as a speaker for women’s groups, and business networking events.  She writes articles for Biznik.com and has hosted popular educational events for Northwest entrepreneurs.

Kate is a certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance in Denver, recognized as one of the top coaching schools in the world. She received her Workshop/Seminar Trainer’s certification through Peak Potentials, North America’s premiere personal development company (Train the Trainer I and II). Additionally, Kate has completed Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living and coached for Landmark Education (the Self-Expression and Leadership Program).

Kate has mentored with best-selling authors Robert Allen, partnered with best-selling author Patrick Snow, and coached with internet marketer Ryan Lee. Kate also mentored with best-selling author and transformational teacher Dr. Barbara DeAngelis in an intense 13-month program. Kate has a degree in Educational Ministries, and is also a mom and a volunteer at Amazing Grace Spiritual Center.

For more information about Kate, see her essay at Total Wealth.  You can contact Kate Phillips at kate@totalwealthcoaching.com, or by phone at 206-601-0321.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Tom Acklin

    HI Kate, and apologies if this is a duplicate message.
    I sent the below via facebook and it didn’t appear to be awake yet this morning !

    ANd the Universe must have wanted me to visit your blog to validate my hunch that you were full of goodstuff. THank you for fresh perspecitve.

    I am found at
    and had just sent this to your facebook acct:

    Kate hello, and thank you for your outstanding work and spirit.

    You are one of our great voices, and I am grateful. I just read your “Eight Lessons…” and I found a nice reminder to “take care of the boss!” With that you helped me today. Thank you.

    Will you please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ConsciousEntrepreneursAndCreatives/
    and consider joining and posting something of your recent writing about transitions for the New Year? I am calling 2009 the HAPPY NOW YEAR 🙂

    Looking forward to your next chapter. Gratitude for your energies, and Happy First of ’09.peace, Tom

  2. Larry Baumgartner

    Hey Kate,
    Missed seeing you and the whole clan this summer at Woodsong. i truly hope that it’s not the end of that era. We made some great freinds it was a highlight of our year .. I’d rather give up Christmas (not Jesus ..just the tree and the stuff) I guess 30yrs in retail took a toll.
    Great encouraging site, funny video from the Conan Show, we are surrounded by a bunch of folks who can readily slip into ingratitude at the drop of a hat.
    I appreciate the portion of your interview discussing your current mission/carreer choice and your confidence in your direction .. as counterintuitive as it may sound, Its why I went into realestate, and hopefully why our lives will continue to grow and prosper.
    My skills as a salesman have always included advocasy for my client. Applying that to the purchase of a persons home (especially first home buyers) is both a big responsibility and privelage far beyond the sale of shoes (7 of my 18 yrs at Nordstrom) or even Guitars (more fun but lots of picky weirdos).
    Wishing you a great Holiday Season

    Much love and mushy stuff from us
    Larry n lynette

    PS ‘Fools Gold’ is in my top 3 fave Lynette H. peices also

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  4. bhp

    Hello there, you have done a great job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they will benefit from this website.

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