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Kate PhillipsI offer holistic life coaching, wealth coaching, and small business coaching, working with matters of Money, Mindset and Marketing.

Clients come to me when they feel “stuck” – often stuck with money or financial decisions (perhaps looking for a new point of view from a non-commissioned professional who understands financial therapy as well as financial strategies, especially Prosperity Economics strategies.)

I have helped many people  transform their relationship with money and experience new prosperous results in their lives and businesses. I am also a I have limited availability for private personal coaching clients. (Details below.)

I also offer courses and workshops from time to time in the Seattle area.  I do not have any scheduled at this time, but if you have opted in for my ebook (see below): you’ll be notified.

What types of clients do I work with?
Often my clients are entrepreneurs or independent contractors, and often they are women (but not always!). They are looking for support in a time of transition, or seeking assistance to close the gap between the life they want and the one they have. They may be experiencing financial stress. They are committed to a breakthrough.

As a general rule, I no longer meet with clients in person as my work is now over the phone and web. (If you live in the Seattle area and if I am not travelling, I WILL make an effort to arrange a “face to face” session if we decide that we are a fit for coaching.)

Examples of clients I’ve worked with include:

  • Women who want support in establishing healthy attitudes, beliefs, and habits around money.
  • Entrepreneurs and independent contractors who wish to get “unstuck” from their current level of success or income.
  • Financial advisors (especially “Prosperity Economics Advisors”) who want better results from their marketing.
  • Successful people who aren’t sure where all their money is going and who wish to gain focus, control, and intention around their spending.
  • Women who feel “frozen” around money who need some support to get them into action. I’ll help them take concrete forward steps while “weeding out” the beliefs that got them stuck in the first place.
  • Solopreneurs who desire new levels of success and income. (I have an additional coaching certifications and training in marketing, copywriting, publishing, and training.
  • People experiencing career, relationship, or other life transitions who want to re-evaluate priorities and establish a new direction.
  • Women who wish to live from an abundance rather than scarcity mindset around money, relationship, career, time, etc.
  • Investors who want financial coaching or education (not advice) from someone who does not earn commissions for sales of financial products or insurance.

A few notes about what I do (and don’t) do:
Although my work involves financial education (I was at one time trained by a financial services company and have mentored with and ghostwritten for a financial author), I do not do financial planning. As a coach, I work with people, not their money.

For instance, I help clients align their money and their values, adopt new empowering beliefs about money, articulate the role they want money to play their lives, and take action towards their goals. I can educate clients to think strategically about concepts such as leverage, residual income, multiple streams of income, and “true diversification.” I can also help people and define for themselves (and find) the financial experts they do need.

And although my work delves deeply into beliefs and emotions, I am also not a licensed therapist. A coach is a skilled observer who is an advocate, an accountability partner, and a “loving mirror” for the client. A coach works with healthy people, assisting to move past obstacles and create a future that inspires them. I can work in conjunction with a therapist or refer a client to a therapist for issues beyond my scope.

Am I certified?
Yes – through Denver’s Coach Training Alliance in 2007. I bring to the table experience as a private coach, group coach, and someone who has BEEN coached in all ways. I also have hundreds of hours of training and experience in marketing, workshop development, and public speaking/facilitation.

In addition to my own coaching practice and workshop/training business, I have worked as a coach for Landmark Education and has participated in the work of Landmark, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Ecker (Peak Potentials)Barbara DeAngelis. I am also a “best-seller publishing coach” through the Snow Group, partnering with best-selling author and speaker Patrick Snow to help entrepreneurs become best-selling authors.

What do you need?
Are you looking for accountability to reach your goals? Financial therapy to transform how you relate to money? New results in your business? I offer in-depth strategy sessions, coaching packages, and flexible solutions. We will explore and customize a program that tackles your obstacles and moves you (and/or your business) forward.

What will it cost?
It’s hard to answer that without knowing your needs… I coach with some clients weekly, others less often, some clients have done a couple of strategy sessions with me and perhaps a follow-up or two to get them on the right track.

I offer in-depth strategy sessions for $395, which can be geared towards business marketing, or personal goals. Coaching with me one-on-one regularly could be $395 a month to $1295 a month, depending on your needs and goals.

Opt-in for updates below and you’ll hear about specials, group coaching/masterminds, and other programs. Speaking of which… group coaching/masterminds are a GREAT way to move yourself forward powerfully on a budget!

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact me at Kate(at) or 206-601-0321 to schedule a 25-minute no-fee consultation to determine if we might be a “fit.” All consultations and most coaching sessions are typically conducted on the phone.

What are clients saying about me? See for yourself on my testimonial page, and on LinkedIn.

Check out my coaching profile on Drop the Drama and Welcome Abundance in your Life

BTW, sounds a bit like Pinterest, but actually, it’s a great service that helps people locate quality local service providers. (They have a verification process to insure that people are “legit”. Check it out.)

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6 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Hillary Beveridge

    Hi Kate,
    I live in NYC but my family resides in Seattle and surrounding areas. I learned about you through Daily Candy. I would love to inquire about your private financial coaching for my mom. Kindly let me know what your rates are and how many sessions are typical to get a person up and functioning with their finances. Looking to just build her confidence and take ownership of her finances and learn to make decisions w/in her means.
    Kind regards,
    Hillary J. Beveridge

  2. Alexandra Immel

    Do you have an mailing list to notify of upcoming events you are doing? Your work sounds great and could really help me. Somewhere I read that you do classes twice a year. Could you let me know when you are scheduling your next one please?

  3. bodie zukewycz


    do you have any e- or paper and ink products for sale ?? or cd’s


  4. Kate Phillips Post author

    Not yet, Bodie, but stay tuned! Thanks for your interest.

  5. Elizabeth Walter

    Hi Kate
    We met at the recent Girl Power Hour Sheconomics event. I am a registered investment advisor and do financial planning through the firm Waddell & Reed. My partner Sherry Gow and I spoke with you following your panel presentation.

    I am contacting you today to invite you to lunch so that we can have a chance to get to know each other and learn more about each others business. I don’t have a phone # for you, but here is mine: 206-283-6661, ext 138. Please contact me and let’s set up lunch.
    Elizabeth Walter

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