How to Get What You REALLY Want

“Think about what you DO want, not what you don’t want.”
I believe those words. I relay them to others. I think they express a basic truth, a simple yet effective “dummies formula” for manifesting your desires and changing your life. (Simple, but not easy!)

However, sometimes we think about our goals and intentions, but we still don’t realize them. Why?

There are several possible reasons for this. We might have dis-empowering habits from the past. We might be following a flawed plan. We might be thinking one thing, but feeling another (more on those in future posts!)

Or, perhaps… we don’t really want what we’ve been saying we want.

Check your ALIGNMENT. In our cars, we have to have our wheels aligned to go in the direction we are steering. Mis-alignment does the same within us – it takes us in a different direction than the intended one.

Sometimes we try to “strong-arm” our conscious mind into something that the subconscious mind is not fully “on board” with. When this happens, we don’t get the results we say we want. We set a goal or an intention, but our actions keep us stuck or take us in a different direction.

Consider… for a moment… you might not really want what you think you want.

Maybe we want what our families want for us… what our spouse wants, what our boss expects of us… what society says we “should” want. What seems logical, but doesn’t quite resonate with our hearts.

We haven’t been fully honest with ourselves.

As Rikka Zimmerman said in a recent workshop, perhaps, we’re not failing to fulfill our intentions at all. Maybe… we’re SUCCEEDING at NOT doing or getting the thing we haven’t admitted to ourselves we really don’t want after all!

Rikka demonstrated this with a volunteer from the audience. She asked the woman where in her life did she feel that she was “failing”? She replied she felt she should have moved back to her home town by now, as she kept promising her mother she would do.

Rikka asked if she wanted to move back to her home town. The woman didn’t answer yes or no, but instead gave reasons, excuses, and explanations of why she “should” move back home.

Rikka asked again (and again), “Do you WANT to move?” More reasons, excuses and explanations.

Finally the answer became so obvious the audience was yelling “No!” in response to Rikka’s question. Clearly, the women had mixed emotions at best about moving back! Then, with a smile, the woman “got” it and finally owned it. We watched her relax as a huge weight of obligation and “shoulds” melted effortlessly away.

The woman got honest with herself, perhaps for the first time in many months of feeling like a failure for not doing what she said she intended to do. She admitted that yes, she’d like to visit more often, perhaps stay for a portion of the year, but she didn’t want to move back. (She just didn’t want to let down those who wanted her to move back.)

(By the way, if you want to know more about the Law of Alignment, I wrote about it more extensively in a popular past post, “Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Always Work” .)

To discover what you really want, let yourself dream with no limits.

If you could have what you wanted, what you REALLY wanted, what would that be? If you could do anything, be anything, experience anything, what would you choose?

Let go of what you think is likely to happen, what is practical, logical, what you “should” want, or what others want for you.

Just… dream.

(Go ahead. It’s safe.)

All children know how to dream, but most of us forget somewhere along the way to becoming “grown ups.” Perhaps we haven’t really forgotten how, we’re just a little out of practice.

Perhaps Walt Disney said it best,

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Speaking of Disney and dreams coming true, enjoy one of my favorite videos above, and be sure to stay til the end to hear Nick’s gorgeous version of “When You Wish Upon A Star.” (The whole video is nearly 9 minutes long, but totally worth it, especially if you’re a fan of Disney movies!)

I’ll tell you more about Nick Pitera (the star of the video) in a future post, and how his example can help you manifest YOUR desires. Until then, don’t be afraid to get in touch with, wish for, and focus on the things you REALLY want.

Dream On,

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