Increase Your Good Luck and Attract More Green (Irish or Not!)

four-leaf-cloverHappy St Patrick’s Day! I’m part Irish – how about you?

Today seems like a good day to ask…

“Why are some people so lucky?” (And it’s usually not you!?) If you’d like to increase your luck and literally, your “good fortune,” read on.

I have a “G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E. Formula” comprised of 9 steps to increase prosperity and abundance in every area of life. And the first step has everything to do with increasing your luck and opening yourself up to more of the green stuff, regardless of your ethnic heritage. As a matter of fact, it’s something I always recommend to my self-employed clients who want to start or increase the flow of money in their business…

Ready? (It’s the “G” of the G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E. Formula…)

Give Generously.

It might sound too simplistic, too obvious, but oftentimes the important things come across that way. As Wayne Dyer points out, when you approach life from “I need more… gimme gimme gimme,” you actually attract more scarcity and repel the abundance you are seeking, financial or otherwise.

Being able to shift your focus to what you have to offer, and how you can serve, rather than what you don’t have but desperately want, is the key.

This principle not only resonates as true, it’s statistically and demographically documented! In the excellent book by Thomas J. Stanley, Millionaire Women Next Door, one of the characteristics of millionaire business women tend to share in common is their generosity. They give of their income at 3-1/2 times the national giving average (an average of 7% instead of 2%). These millionairesses are also tremendous givers in their estates as well.

And lest you think, “Oh sure, I’d be generous too if I were a millionaire,” let me point out what else the research revealed. These generous millionairesses didn’t wait to start giving until they became wealthy by some standard. They started giving BEFORE they were considered “wealthy.”

You see, building a keeping wealth is ultimately dependent on a wealthy mindset, and giving is truly the height of an abundant mentality.

Some of them learned to regularly give 10% or more of their income, and interestingly enough, these “Tina Ten-Percenters,” as Stanley nicknamed them, seemed to keep as much of of their wealth as their tight-fisted counterparts on the other end of the spectrum, the “Olga One-Percenters.” Coincidence?

Giving is a declaration to the universe that there is not only “enough” for you, but there is more than enough. It is an statement made with actions that says, “There is more on the way, and enough to go around.”

Enough for me, enough for you.

Enough to keep, enough to give.

Eben Pagan, a wildly successful marketer who sells informational programs (primarily) on the internet, has revealed the crucial difference this contribution mindset has made in his bottom line. Growing up poor, Eben once worked for $10 an hour and rented an apartment before purchasing a trailer to live in. Now Eben’s company now generates up to $24 million dollars of annual sales. (He no longer lives in the trailer, although he swears he was quite happy in it!)

When mega-marketer Frank Kern pressed Eben to get specific on how he went from there to here… from literally “living in a trailer” to a multi-million dollar business, Eben declares the day it all changed for him was when he stopped trying to figure out how to SELL something that would make him a million dollars, and started focusing on what value he could GIVE.

For years, Eben’s mind had been obsessed with the question, “How can I sell a million people something they would pay a dollar for?” He changed his focus to wondering, “How can I GIVE $100 of value to a million people who might then be willing to pay $10 for the value they had received?” …And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Eben models this giving philosophy today, giving away entire segments of his video trainings, establishing his value before people purchase.  (Programs like Wake Up Productive, Self-Made Wealth, Get Altitude…) And he trains other entrepreneurs to do the same. Don’t hold back, but give generously of the value that you offer.

By giving first, the flow of giving and receiving is established. The cycle is jump-started, and the inevitable result is that good things will return to the giver, in some shape or form. This is true if these principles are followed:

1) The giving is truly GIVING (i.e., it’s not a form of martyrdom or creating obligation, but the gifts are truly and freely given.)

2) What is given is of VALUE to those to whom it is given (it is wanted and needed, something of use.)

3) The gift given fosteres sufficiency and sustainability. (It does not disempower the receiver.)

Eben looks like a pretty lucky guy… or maybe he’s just learned the secret of Giving Generously.

And now, an Irish blessing…
May you always walk in sunshine.
May you never want for more.
May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door.

(And when someone asks, “Why are some people lucky – in money and in life?” may they be talking about you!)

3 thoughts on “Increase Your Good Luck and Attract More Green (Irish or Not!)

  1. Deborah Drake - Catalyst


    This post is good for any day of the year, not just St. Patrick’s Day.
    Being Irish is a blessing isn’t it?
    I appreciate your reminders of what is most important each and every day.

    When are you publishing the “R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E” of this series…I am on pins and needles…

    I sense a potent series of blog posts just waiting to be unveiled.

    And may I invite you to a few events this week that are right up your alley please, that you can meet some folks I would love to introduce you to…hope you can attend one or both. I think I shall.

    I also very much appreciate your “blog voice” which is so “you.” The you I have met in person and the you that shines through your writing are so congruent and that makes reading your blog all the more enjoyable and meaningful!

    In other words, PLEASE POST MORE!

  2. Jason Fonceca

    So wicked — first Deida, now Pagan? You really pick ‘em Kate. Both people are tremendously awesome personalities to appreciate and model after. Eben’s GuruBluePrint (he gives it away free) is SO much value.

    I myself have received any and all success I can remember in life through giving my time, money, value, skills, volunteering, charity etc. It all results in connections, word-of-mouth, testimonials, donations, investments, etc.

    I’m so pleased to have found this blog. Keep rockin’

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