Living in Abundance

Many women feel they have a “love-hate” relationship with money.

(Are you one of them!?)

stressedwoman MONEY. It’s almost as mysterious as men! It can be hard to live with, and even harder to live without.

If you’re like most women, you’d rather talk about (almost) anything but money, which may be a source of frustration, worry, regret, even fear, guilt, or shame for you. You may feel that if this “one thing” gets resolved in your life, that everything will be easier.

Perhaps you’ve tried budgets (and failed). Or you’re already frugal and you just need to earn more!

Maybe you’ve even met with a financial planner. (Or you’ve been too embarrassed to make an appt, sure they’d be horrified you haven’t saved more.)

You’re smart, you’re capable, you’re talented, but where’s the money to show for it!?

Possibly you even felt like you “had it together” not so long ago. (Before a divorce, lay-off, or market crash.)

You know you need help and support… but what? And who? Suzi Orman just reminds you of the mistakes you’ve made, and you feel more overwhelmed than ever.

But you’ve GOT to break the cycles and patterns you’re stuck in. You fear that if nothing changes, you’ll be a bag lady at 75!

womanwithmoneycrop1Somehow, you just need to…

Heal this love-hate relationship.

Make friends with money.

Transform how you think and feel about money.

Open yourself up to real support in your financial journey.

If this is resonating with something inside you, then please read on…

I have just a few openings left for this workshop (it’s a small group, ideally about 8), and perhaps one of the final spots belongs to you.

The Living in Abundance course is an intensive 12-week, in-person course of what one financial professional called “Prosperity Training,” or what I call creating wealth from the inside out.

We’ll meet for 12 sessions over a period of about 4 months in a closed, private group. Together, we’ll work closely and confidentially to help you

  • Uncover the habits and thought patterns sabotaging your success.
  • Gain power over your past conditioning around money.
  • Peek inside the minds of millionaires and get their advice.
  • Discover your “money style” and how to work with it, not against it.
  • Learn to think like, act like, and BE a wealthy woman.
  • Transform how you think and feel about money.
  • Discover the Science, Spirituality, Philosophy and Physiology of Wealth.
  • Experience re-writing your money story from one of scarcity into one of abundance!
  • Have a blast exploring the topic of “money” with other women (really!)
  • The result? MORE MONEY and LESS STRESS – guaranteed!

Sounds great… but does it WORK!? Well, here’s what the women who completed my last Living in Abundance Class reported:

80% experienced an increase in income, with a couple of them having record months in their businesses!

100% gained greater awareness of spending habits and decreased or changed their spending.

100% got new ideas for creating money and wealth.

100% identified and let go of disempowering beliefs.

100% found they could talk about money with greater ease, and

100% started taking concrete steps to put themselves in a better financial position!

Testimonials from past courses:

“I turned fear of finances into excitement about financial freedom. I recognized and changed my long-held views about money and wealth. It was a very supportive and relaxed atmosphere in which to share dreams, attitudes, and fears about a topic I usually avoid!”
–Mary R., Occupational Therapist

“I got more than I imagined (out of this course). I loved the comraderie, the dreaming, the sense that ‘we can do it!’ I have a much higher awareness of ‘playing the money game.’ I’m very impressed, Kate!”
-T.E., Realtor

“Kate’s class was life changing/life affirming for me! In 3 months I:

  • Paid off my debt (credit cards, school loans – it wasn’t a huge amount, but it was hanging heavily over my head and increasing my stress level!)
  • Got promoted into a really great job and got a raise! I continue to get raises I haven’t even asked for. (Kind of crazy!) And…
  • Bought I house with my Mom. It wasn’t the conventional way… but I learned that the universe will creatively provide a way to achieve your financial goals.
  • Oh, and I also raised hundreds of dollars for a charity, too!”
    -Romy, Concert and Event Manager

Other measurable results:

The result is different for everyone, because we have individual goals (and also unique ways of sabotaging ourselves), but here are some outcomes I’ve noticed:

  • One participant proclaimed it was the first year she had Christmas “totally paid off by the first week of January.”
  • Another woman bought her first home within months, something she had always wanted to do but had been “too afraid” to follow through on.
  • A third woman bought TWO rental homes DURING the course!
  • Yet another woman noticed after the course was over that her years of chronic acid reflux were OVER, because she was no longer dwelling in worry and negativity.
  • Some women increased their investment contributions.
  • Others paid off debt.
  • One woman raised her prices in her practice AND ended up “wait-listed” with clients! She said she had not imagined it was possible to make so much money! (Now she is dreaming of creating residual income so she can have some time off!)
  • And MANY women have created new visions of who they are and even their direction in life and/or business through the exercises in this course.

It’s powerful work, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Make no mistake this is not a “budgeting” class or a “how to make money” course. It’s also not a get-rich-quick program or a magic bullet that will make you an instant “money magnet” just by saying the right affirmation. This is a personal transformation course that will impact your entire life as you begin to view the world through the lense of “abundance” and “prosperity” rather than through a filter of “scarcity” and a “poverty mindset.”

littleoaktreeIndeed, you may have read books, taken other courses, and tried to “earn more” or “spend less,” but if you haven’t gone beneath the surface to change the ROOTS of your relationship with money, your results – your fruit – will not change for long. Financial transformation happens from the inside out, and this course starts at the core.

I can’t predict what your results will be, but I will guarantee that if you don’t feel this course was worth every penny and will have a profound impact on your personal and financial future, then I will refund your investment.

Investment: $1250. (Discounts available for eWomen and Biznik members.)

Contact me if you need a payment plan or have any other questions. (And if $1250 sounds like a lot of money, then this class was created especially for you!)

This class is open to all women, self-employed or not.

I can be reached at 206-601-0321 or

The next Living in Abundance course will begin in late April 2010. They are only offered once or twice a year, so don’t delay!

9 thoughts on “Living in Abundance

  1. Mary West

    This Living in Abundance class sounds great!! I hope you can have it in Bainbridge!!
    I will forward this to some of my friends that I think may be interested. I know I’ll be signing up for it.

    You have a life time goal of mine ” contributing a million dollars to charity work.” Let’s each DO IT!!

    I am going to become a millionaire by October 5th of 2010 and I want to contribute half of that to charity. Then over my life time make more and before my life is over to have contributed a million to charity work.

    So “High Five” let’s do it!!

    In fact last week I decided to start a “Millionaires” club that will meet once a quarter. I’m in the process of talking to friends and asking who want to become a millionaire!! Our first get together will be in late September let me know if you are interested!

    I am looking forward to your CD!

    Mary West
    The Snow Group

    By the way do you think you could give me Dave Wood’s e-mail address? I’d love to meet him personally since he is in the same business (motivational/inspirational) that I am with Patrick Snow author of Creating Your Own Destiny How To Get Exactly What You Want out of Life.
    Plus I’m in Isagenix and he is too! I saw him before but that was with thousands of other Isagenix people!!

  2. Kate Phillips

    WooHoo! I love your enthusiasm, Mary, and I look forward to prospering alongside of you! I’ll contact your directly about some details…
    And thanks so much for arranging the call with Patrick today, I really enjoyed him.
    Love and Abundance,

  3. Teri

    I couldn’t find the link to the free test drive of:
    The Secrets of Wealthy Women

  4. Kate Phillips Post author

    Hi Teri, look under “classes” tab for information the Secrets of Wealthy Women. The Daily Candy special is expired (i.e., it’s not a freebie anymore), but email me at if you are interested in coming to a class.

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  7. Kate Phillips Post author

    Gathering women now for an end of April or May 2010 start…

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