The Soul of Abundance


Reflecting on love and abundance…

loveI’ve been contemplating this week about the heart and soul – the core of abundance and prosperity.

I have come to discover it is none other than LOVE.

Can you have great financial wealth without love? Of course, and great power, accomplishments, and more. But true wealth and prosperity is not empty materialism, the envy of others, or even great abilities.

True prosperity is both inner wealth and real-world abundance. And without love, especially, without loving ourselves, there can be no prosperity.

I have always said that there are two kinds of wealth.

There is wealth that comes from an expression and celebration of our worth, and wealth that is a compensation for the LACK of worth that is felt inside. They may look the same to the casual observer, but they come from opposite sources and motivations.

One is the result of understanding our value and also having the ability to freely give and receive. It shows up in the world as contentment, generosity, success and abundance.

The other kind of wealth is a mask or shell that attempts to cover up inner fears and scarcity. It may manifest as outer wealth and success, and it may also show up as never-ending striving for “more”and/ or conspicuous consumption.

I’m not suggesting the two are always mutually exclusive, of course we have within us the capacity to experience both lack and abundance. But as we learn to love better, love more, love often, and love ourselves unconditionally while trusting the support of the Divine, the fears of scarcity fade.

heart-treeAs we love ourselves more, we improve our self-care, our boundaries, and our capacity to be true to ourselves, which allows us to give from a more empowered place.

As we love ourselves more, we expand our ability to receive without guilt, apology or shame. We enjoy the good that comes our way and send it back out into the world through our giving.

As we build our inner wealth, we prepare ourselves for greater and more lasting TOTAL WEALTH – abundance of every kind.

Happy Valentine’s Day, may you allow yourself to love and be loved deeply today.

Love, Kate

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