Coaching Testimonials:

Kate worked with me to set goals — and realize them — as I chose to leave the law profession and create my photography business. She supported me in this transition, was a consistent inspiration, and source of integrity and courage for me to look to.

I recommend her coaching – but only if you want to see positive results! If you want to keep the same old boring life with the same old boring problems, then watch out for her! She rocks (literally- she’s a heck of a musician too!) and will rock your world.

-Leslie Saber, photographer

I’ve known Kate for a long time, but finally hired her this year as a financial coach, yet I’m finding we’re exploring so much more. I don’t know why I waited, now. Every minute we spend is golden and brings so much. Kate has a way of keeping you focused yet having a great time. She’s a celebration in a single package waiting to explode into action wherever you need her to give you a boost to create your vision. Kate’s awesome!

-DeBorah Beatty, Speaker, Mentor, Coach


Thank you so much for our phone consult. It has given me a lot to think about, in a practical down to earth way. Our conversation left me feeling very hopeful and with reasonable tasks I know I can comfortably accomplish.

I appreciated your ability to walk me through some of my personal blocks. You have a gift for hearing what is happening beyond the chatter and getting to the heart of the matter. You did a great job of hearing me, distilling my words and offering some options that I had never thought of – all in a short time frame, making me feel like it was time well spent.

Jennifer Stoakes, M.A., Children’s and teen’s counselor

“Kate’s holistic wealth coaching addresses my mental and emotional issues with wealth as well as the numbers. She has guided me thru the tangled messes I have created in my emotions about wealth, worth and money and together we have unwound my problems.

“With care, she challenges me to face my fears about money. Together we discover why I spend money the way I do and together we create new possibilities of spending that are much more in line with what I really want.

“Since I have been coaching with Kate, I have felt more free, I have saved more money, and I have used my time and cash with wisdom. Real progress has been made in the way I handle my financial affairs. I know I will not slide back into old ways of spending because what used to cause emotional spending has now been recognized and healed. We are quickly healing my past and creating a present reality where I handle money with more wisdom than emotion.

“I am grateful for her dedication to help me value my self. I am grateful Kate has helped me unwind from stuck and useless patterns around money. I would recommend her to anyone with money problems, self worth problems and especially people who desire a greater experience of wealth and personal power.”

Sierra, licensed massage therapist

Living in Abundance (formerly Love Your Money) Quotes:

“I knew Kate on a personal level for several years before taking her “Living in Abundance” class. Her coaching style is subtle but effective. She leads by example, inspiring even the toughest critic to think and act outside of the box. It is a complete mindset change that is long lasting and really works. I highly recommend taking the class and/or working with Kate on an individual level.”
-Suzi Ward, Project Manager (who was offered her highest paying job ever during the Living in Abundance Class)

“I have spiritualized poverty in a way that is not helpful…. What I accomplished in this course was getting more comfortable with the flow of money in and out of my life. I am inspired to build wealth in order to bless others.”
-C.W., Community Health Development, University of Washington

“I learned that money doesn’t have to be scary…. And I started contributing to a voluntary investment program.”
-L.H., Research Scientist

“I’m not only looking at my financial freedom, but also freeing myself from other disempowering thoughts. I learned I don’t have to keep my old story about money/life/relationships… This was not just a ‘money’ class but a personal growth class.”
-P.P., Schoolteacher

“The Love Your Money workshop was, for me, a deep emotional process and an eye-opening experience. I dealt with how I handled money, success, and self-sufficiency in a atmosphere of incredible camaraderie and support. I faced deep issues such as guilt and regret, and I didn’t feel alone, I didn’t feel like a failure. I learned to accept myself for all of the mistakes I’ve made with money, and to not let money be a “ruler” for how I feel about myself.

“Now I see money is a tool for the greater good and nothing I need to feel bad about. Now I feel like I have a right to make as much as I want to make! I feel stronger and smarter about money. I am more willing to take risks, and able to communicate openly about money with my partner. As a result of this course and our new discussions about money, my husband and I are buying our first rental property! I am taking steps that will lead to my future dreams becoming reality.
Thank-you, Kate!”
-Dedria, real estate agent

The Love Your Money class was life changing/life affirming for me!
In 3 months I:
– Paid off my debt (credit cards, school loans – it wasn’t a huge amount, but
it was hanging heavily over my head and increasing my stress level!)
– Got promoted into a really great job and got a raise! I continue to get
raises I haven’t even asked for. (Kind of crazy!) And…
– Bought I house with my Mom. It wasn’t the conventional way… but I learned that the universe will creatively provide a way to achieve your financial goals.
-I also raised hundreds of dollars for a charity, too!
– Romy, Concert and Event Manager

“I turned fear of finances into excitement about financial freedom. I recognized and changed my long-held views about money and wealth. It was a very supportive and relaxed atmosphere in which to share dreams, attitudes, and fears about a topic I usually avoid!”
–Mary, Occupational Therapist

“I got more than I imagined (out of this course). I loved the comraderie, the dreaming, the sense that ‘we can do it!’ I have a much higher awareness of ‘playing the money game.’ I’m very impressed, Kate!”
– Tani, Windermere Real Estate

Other Recommendations:

“You may be the most insightful, articulate, passionate person I have ever met. Thank you.”

-Richard Baum, career and business coach

From LinkedIn:

Kate conveys faith in “turnarounds.” She guides those of us when we are having trouble seeing our own possibilities… Kate often sees what we cannot see because we are scared, exhausted or defeated, perhaps. The best news? Kate helps us make the small, daily changes that offer us a whole new way of perceiving what it means to pursue well-rounded wealth. Trust me, Kate has walked the path that she shares with her clients.

-Jennifer Manlowe, writing and certified publishing coach

“I have only just connected with Kate on LinkedIn (discovered her on the Biznik network), but already feel quite warmed up to her ideas and leadership. She brings a fresh perspective to topics that are too uncomfortable to discuss. She does it in a manner that is inclusive and safe; not directive or autocratic. Quite simply, Kate is going to be my bright spot in 2009 and I am looking forward to the opportunity of getting to know her better!”
-Anil Behal , Managing Consultant and Founder , ORGDYNE Training and Consulting, LLC

From Biznik:

“Kate, I really enjoyed your class, ‘What I Learned from Really Rich Entrepreneurs.’ It is interesting how the rich are like everone else, they just have better habits. It really made me look differently at making and keeping money.”
-Mike Holberg, Glass Artist

“Kate is delightful and insightful – how’s that for a rhyme! I’ve developed my relationship with Kate through Biznik and come to appreciate her gifts. She is also an excellent writer and great contributor to our Biznik community.”
-Rick Itzkowich, Business and Networking Consultant

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2 thoughts on “Raves

  1. Bryan Rust

    I just wanted to add my voice to all the others. After going through a Workshop and getting some personal coaching, my attitude towards money has changed and, as a result, my life has changed. All of my old feelings of helplessness surrounding my financial life have evaporated. Kate helped me set new goals and priorities and I have achieved a forward momentum that I never thought possible. The highest of recommendations for the work Kate is doing.

  2. Kate Phillips Post author

    Bryan, I am so proud of you! Thanks for adding your voice.

    I am so grateful to all of my students and clients! You inspire me.